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Make PDF Documents Secure

June 25, 2010 1 comment

Close the door on document leaks and piracy (

We mostly serve our documents as PDF over web. PDF files may contain valuable information that we need to make secure and we may need to control the access to PDF files. We can control some rights like copy of text and images but these rights are of static nature and are done on file level and we cannot control these basic rights on basis of users or access time. Further more by default there is no way to control the print, save access on user level.

If we really want to control PDF security in a dynamic and real time fashion, File Open is the solution.

“FileOpen Systems provides digital rights management software to prevent piracy and control access to documents, on your Web site, via email, on DVDs, CDs and mobile devices.

Built on open standards for data encryption and display, FileOpen document security solutions are trusted by corporations, governments, and publishers worldwide.”

FileOpen provides command-line tool as well as a Dot Net assembly, which can be used in desktop and web applications.

We can control rights on PDF files on individual user level, we can also control if we want to restrict PDF access on the basis of machines. To manage custom access rules, we can write our own authentication server, which will simply be a page (in ASP.Net or any other server side language) and we can write custom code according to our custom needs and it can control the access rights at following level:

  • File Access – Check if user has access to open the file or not
  • Save Access – Check if user has access to save PDF copy on disk
  • Copy Access – Check if user can copy content from PDF file
  • Print Access – Check if user can print PDF content (we can also control print access for specific pages)

In some next post, i will show some code and process to make PDF files secure.

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