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Retain Searh/Filter Values in ASP

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Hi All,

I have recently added a long awaited feature in ultrabot to retain the search filters on the list pages. E.g. Previously, if you search for a specific user set and edit one of the user, on coming back to the main users list the search criteria was lost and users had to re-search.

This problem is fixed now and Ultrabot retains the search filters in the above mentioned (and other similar) cases. Search filters for a list are cleared on either pressing the clear and search buttons or navigating away from the list form by clicking on the links in the main menu.
The usage of this functionality is quite straight forward, but we need to take care of this while adding/modifying any field on the search section of the list forms.

For now, all main lists support this functionality and it can be further added to any list. If you want to see from code, if the list supports search cache or not, just search for the variable “mainListName” in the source code. if this variable is defined then all future items in the search area must be compatible with this technique. Please follow the following instructions:

mainKeywords = Request.Form(“txtKeywords”)

Replace this with

mainKeywords = GetSearchField(mainListName,


Search fields for the drop-downs can be used as:

mainCategoryID = CLng(GetSearchField(mainListName, “Category”, “cbCategory”, “-1”))
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