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SendCommentMailToPostAuthor–BlogEngine.Net Extension

BlogEngine.Net provides a default extension SendCommentMail “Sends an e-mail to the blog owner whenever a comment is added” – this extension is useful in cases when there is a single author (editor) in your blog as it sends every new comment notification to blog owner only. But in a multi-author (editor) blog, where multiple authors create posts on BlogEngine.Net blog, this extension is not much useful.

If you have a multi-author blog and require that new comment notification is sent to respective post author, my new extension SendCommentMailToPostAuthor “Sends an e-mail to the post author whenever a comment is added” can serve your purpose.

SendCommentMailToPostAuthor is created as a copy of SendCommentMail (by BlogEngine.Net) and modifying the code to send comment email to post author instead of blog owner.

To install this extension you just need to copy one file, SendCommentMailToPostAuthor.cs, into ~/app_code/extensions folder.  I have pre-configured the extension with an email subject and body but feel free to customize it to your liking.

SendCommentMailToPostAuthor.zip (2.1 kb)

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