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Schedule a Task in DNN

DotNetNuke provides a robust framework for scheduled tasks. Some tasks are already scheduled by DotNetNuke installation and you can also add your own custom tasks to the DotNetNuke schedule.

DotNetNuke schedule is accessible from the Host -> Schedule screen. This screen lists all of the scheduled tasks also called schedule item. You can see status, history and properties of each schedule item.

You can find more details about DotNetNuke Scheduler in this PDF document.

You can find more details about creating a DotNetNuke schedule item in following posts:

The first step in creating a Schedule Item is to create a DotNet Assembly that will contain the logic to execute the scheduled task. Your class for task execution should inherit from DotNetNuke.Services.Scheduling.SchedulerClient. Once the Assembly is ready, you can create a new Schedule Item by going to Host -> Schedule -> Add Item to Schedule.

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