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Create PDF Documents in ASP.NET

If you want to create PDF documents in your Dot Net web/desktop application, without purchasing any 3rd party control, then iTextSharp is the right choice for you. iTextSharp is an open source library distributed under GNU Public License. You can freely use this component in your personal and commercial applications.

iText# (iTextSharp) is a port of the iText open source java library for PDF generation written entirely in C# for the .NET platform. Use the iText mailing list to get support.

Project page at SourceForge contains DLL and source for this nice library.  You can also find some example projects on the files page.

You can find a brief article and source code example on a code project article Creating PDF Documents in ASP.NET

Please note, iTextSharp is useful where you want to create a PDF document with custom text. With iTextSharp you will have to create the text for PDF in code (see examples or code project article for details). But if you want to convert HTML text or a HTML page to PDF directly, you will either have to extend iTextSharp or you will have to use some other component or library, you can give a try to ABCpdf.Net http://www.websupergoo.com/abcpdf-5.htm for conversion purposes.

If you want to use iTextSharp to convert HTML to PDF, you can start it by reading a very good article “iTextSharp – Simplify Your HTML to PDF Creation” at http://somewebguy.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/itextsharp-simplify-your-html-to-pdf-creation/

I am working on a generic control that will create a PDF file from a DataTable, i will share the control once it is ready.

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