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Sending a Meeting Request

Recently i came across a requirement where we need to send meeting/event invitation in email. Previously, i used to create ICS/iCal file with meeting/event information and this file was attached with the email. End user had to open the attached file to add it to calendar program. But sending an inline (native) meeting invitation was kind of a new requirement. See sample meeting invitations screen below:

Sample Meeting Request Gmail

Sample Meeting Request Gmail

Sample Meeting Request Outlook

Sample Meeting Request Outlook

Following post helped me in understanding the process to send inline meeting invitations/requests.


I have created a class (with the help of code mentioned in above post) to wrap up the functionality of meeting requests. Code can be downloaded here.

Usage of this class is very simple, e.g. if you want to send a meeting request from ASP.Net code, simply call the method in following manner:

MailMessage msg = KP.Web.Mail.CalanderInvite.GetCalanderInviteMsg(“from@mailserver.com”, “From Name”, “to@mailserver.com”, “To Name”, “SUBJECT”, “BODY TEXT”, DateTime.UtcNow.AddHours(2), DateTime.UtcNow.AddHours(3));

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