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What if Google is blocked by PTA

Every developer/designer is well aware of importance of Google as it plays very important role in quick and accurate searching of information and required material. Though there are many other search engines available online, but Google is first choice for most users due to its speed, ease of use,  and accurate results. See stats of Google position in search engines http://websearch.about.com/od/faqs/f/most_pop_search.htm, http://searchenginewatch.com/2156451

There are news that PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which is also responsible for internet regulation) is monitoring Google (http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/2010/06/100625_urls_banned_pak.shtml) and it may decide in future to block Google temporarily. Imagine, if Google is blocked, how difficult it would be for people who are so addict to Google.

We had an internal discussion in our company on how to deal with this possible blockage. PTA blocks sites on URL and IP level so proxy tunnel solutions cannot bypass this check.

One quick solution is to create a page that takes search input from user and  post that search string to Google, this page needs to be hosted on some server which is out of scope of the blocking authority. Catch in this technique is that we will have to post the search query to Google from server side as posting from client side will be blocked.

Following the same concept, i have created a quick sample page which can be used in-case when Google is blocked by local authorities. Sample one pager application can be downloaded here. You can host this page on a server which is out of scope of the blocking authority.

Please note, this is just a simple adapter page, some links will not work, it can be further enhanced to make the missing links work as well.

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