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Crystal Reports – Dynamic Images

In Ultrabot Product, we show Ultrabot logo on the top right corner of the page header. This image is embedded into the crystal report file. Some time when a product instance is customized for a client, client asks to replace the Ultrabot logo with some other image. Changing the logo for a customized instance was a manual and time consuming process. We had to open each crystal report file and replace the logo image.

Now, we have used a crystal report property to load the image dynamically. Image path is stored into setup_constants.asp file and is loaded on the reports. So now if we want to change the logo on all reports, we will just need to change the constant in the setup_constants.asp file. This technique will help us to change the logo quickly and to have different logos for different instances by just changing the path in the setup_constants.asp file.

With the addition of this functionality, please note the following steps for each new report that is designed for Ultrabot Product and other versions:

· Add a new Parameter Field: pMainReportLogo

· Copy the Logo from one of the existing reports and place it in the appropriate position on the report

· Edit the Format Formula

o “Right Click logo à Format Graphic… à Picture (Tab 2) à Change Location”

o Enter {?pMainReportLogo} in the above mentioned format formula

Please note that, without performing the above mentioned steps the report cannot be displayed properly.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thanks.

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